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Not “Whiskey in the Jar” but “2015 Pinot in the Vat”

Posted on June 25, 2015 at 1:32 pm in News & Updates

“Publish or perish” is the injunction issued to all academics seeking recognition.  Luckily there’s no such pressure to perform in the wine game but most friends of Coney Wines say they like to receive an (irregular) update of what’s going on at Dry River Road.

So …

That’s the end of vintage

We’ve just finished our last pick – Que Sera Syrah – and it’s in the fermenter, fructifying nicely. Since abandoning Wellington this is now our seventeenth vintage, so a well trod path. Everybody in Martinborough picked two weeks earlier than usual – the result of a lovely summer and then a bit of a stampede at the tail end caused by some rain. Smaller yields than average so we’re hopeful that the catchcry “small yields, more intense flavour concentration” is operating. Certainly the colour of our Pizzicato Pinot Noir is dark and dense. The aromatic whites – Rieslings and Pinot Gris  – are all finishing their ferments in tank and wafting their enticing, well yes, aromatics. Thence to some deft fining/tweaking by Lisa in between juggling her clutch of three children.

A Degustation Dinner with the Mantis

Our most enterprising and entertaining recent fandango was an evening billed as “Degustation meets Appellation” – ageing cricketer meets aged wines. This involved those three hallowed ingredients, fine food, loose talk and excellent wine from the Coney vault!  Star performer was Jerry and his Pacemaker!  Ever since we opened Margaret’s restaurant in 2003 most punters ask after barely two sentences  “Is it possible you’re related to that old has-been Jeremy?”  Stock answer is “Yes, I’m his father!”  It’s surprising how affectionately and nostalgically brother Jeremy is still regarded. He was back in New Zealand commentating on The World Cup so we thought why not get him to enliven proceedings with his particular brand of boisterous banter. Went down a treat with the hedonists, gourmands and gourmets tucking into Margaret’s eight courses, swirling and sipping Lisa’s gold-medal-winning 2010 Pinot Noir and older vintages of delicious Riesling and holding their swollen mirth-ridden girths at Jeremy’s yarns. Then we gave them a bit of poetry from our back labels and a couple of our songs as an ironical tribute to the Coney treble clef logo (spoiled by Jeremy’s caterwauling!). A good time had by all except the dishwashers. If we decide to do a repeat we’ll let you know.

Coney Wines Martinborough, Degustation Dinner May 2015

”Yes, that was 1984 – Cairnsy and I went on to save the day – mostly him actually.”

Jeremy Coney Degustation Dinner by Margaret Coney, Martinborough

Margaret’s delicious opening gambit in the eight-course degustation dinner.

Jeremy Coney Degustation Dinner Coney Wines Martinborough

JVC – “The things you do to retain celebratory status” TC – “What the hell songsheet is Jeremy on?”

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