Annecdotal Acclaim & Accolades

Although the final arbiter of excellence is obviously you – “I buy what I like” – people are interested in the judgement of more experienced palates than theirs.  Here’s a sample of what’s been said about Coney.

1) London International Wine and Spirits Competition

  • 2008 Coney Pizzicato Pinot Noir – Silver Medal

2) International Aromatic Wine Competition

  • 2009 Coney Ragtime Riesling – Silver Medal
  • 2010 Coney Piccolo Pinot Gris – Silver Medal
  • 2011 Coney Piccolo Pinot Gris – Silver Medal

3) Best of Michael Cooper 2010

  • Coney Piccolo Pinot Gris – 4-stars
  • Coney Rallentando Riesling – 4-stars

4) Royal Easter Show 2010

  • Coney Rallentando Riesling – Silver Medal

5) Bragato Wine Awards 2010

  • Coney Ragtime Riesling – Silver Medal

6) This Week’s Treat – 3/9/11 – Joelle Thomson

“2010 Coney Riesling – Martinborough’s Coney Winery is best known for its café, but it’s the rieslings I’ve fallen for, which range from bone dry to medium/off-dry. This is like biting into a crisp Jazz apple fresh and crisp with a hint of tropical fruit sweetness.”

7) Raymond Chan – 10/2011

Coney Wines

Tim and Margaret Coney run a true, hands-on family business, mostly without the family!  Establishing their 6.5 ha property in 1996, they have planted 2.2 ha of Pinot Noir, mainly to the unfashionable 10/5 clone with some 5 and 13 Pommard clones, and tiny amounts of 114, 115 and Abel.  There is also 1.3 ha of Riesling and just under a hectare each of Pinot Gris and Syrah, planted more recently in 2003.  The vineyard is on ‘metal’ soils, deemed to be similar to that of the Martinborough Terrace.  Tim tends the vineyard and has made the wine at the winery on the property since 2003, but daughter Lisa, a Roseworthy graduate, has shouldered the responsibility lately.  Margaret is in charge of the burgeoning ‘Trio Café’ and the events management-catering business, this adding a complementary side to the winemaking, the Coneys running a complete wine and food experience.  Both Margaret and Tim are totally involved at the ground level, and this is a real attraction when visiting Coney Wines, as you will speak to, be served and entertained by the viticulturist, winemaker, marketer, chef and owners, all at the same time!

Tim took me through a few of the current wines.  The ‘Rallentando’ Riesling 2008 has more than a similarity to the Rieslings of the Clare Valley, being dry and carrying 13.0% alc.  Still lively, tight and toasty, this has real interest.  In the style of what’s hot is ‘The Ritz’ Riesling 2010, at 9.8% alc. and with 30 g/L rs, deliciously lime-juicy and lush, and very more-ish.  The ‘Piccolo’ Pinot Gris 2011 has all the spiced pears you could ever want, on a near-unctuous palate.  14.0% Alc and 7.5 g/L rs.  And I though the ‘Pizzicato’ Pinot Noir 2008 a success with its intense and firm fruit, well-spiced with excellent oaking.  The Coneys are down to their last few cases of this.  A lighter wine, the ‘Pizzicato’ Pinot Noir 2009 shows cooler, dried-herb fruit, but still with attractive sweetness, fine extract and accessibility.  Coney are also pleased with Syrah, and a tank sample of the Syrah 2010 was a little shy on nose, but packed good white and black peppery fruit, spice interest and good structure.  Only 300 cases of this will be released.  I sense that with Lisa Coney having a strong input in the winemaking and Tim’s ever-present openness to how the vineyard can work in providing wines for these times, there is a brightness and freshness in the wines that is becoming more apparent; very much in the way our food has progressed, something that Margaret will no doubt support.


8) Pinot Shop – – 9/2010 ‘Serious Pinots at Playful Prices’

Coney Wines Pizzicato Pinot Noir

“Coney Pizzicato Pinot is what we love about Martinborough, without spending a fortune.  It is dense and dark in colour and that visual richness moves right through the bouquet and palate. The treble clef logo and musical names for each of the Coney wines is a nod to the family’s love of music.”

9) Tim Atkin in the Observer –

In his Cellars in the Sky lineup of wines recommended for international airlines the perceptive Atkin said “the sort of wines I’d like to drink in the air, whatever the class are….the soft, come-hither Coney Pizzicato Pinot Noir.”

Now we’re not saying that a glass of this nectar will catapult you directly into the Mile High Club, but you’d certainly be in with a chance.  Ask Ralph Fiennes!

All good grist to the mill supporting our brisk sales in the UK through Majestic Wines.