The Wines

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Any newcomer to Martinborough plants Pinot Noir. That special combination of soil, sun, temperature and management – terroir-demands Pinot. Clonal complexity is also an important ingredient so no less than seven clones go into each bottle of Pizzicato Pinot Noir. With the vines now over 10 years old, the simpler fruitiness of earlier vintages will be replaced by the more subtle character of true Burgundies.

Riesling, that neglected classical variety- versatile enough to produce styles ranging from bone dry to “sticky”- was considered a more attractive candidate than the ubiquitous Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Coney Wines make two rieslings – the dry Rallentando which goes with fish and chicken and is designed to age gracefully for 10 years, and the off-dry Ragtime for Asian food and sagacious sipping.

Other vinous gems available primarily through Coney’s Trio Cafe due to the tiny supply include a Rose, Pinot Gris and Syrah. Their names are equally mellifluous – Ramblin’ Rose, Piccolo Pinot Gris and the inimitable Que Sera Syrah.

As an extra treat each Coney wine has a dash of iambic pentameter on its back label replacing the usual trite hyperbolic humbug. Try these:

Cane pruning just finished, new buds waiting nascent
A quickening Jack Frost, beware those complacent
Then tucking and trimming, now plucking and thinning
A red tractor mowing, a Coney seen grinning
Ripening fruit, hasty netting,  starlings’ hunger unseated
Let the pickers start snipping, Ragtime vintage completed.


Pinot Noir from older vines is soft and silky
Such things discerning people sometimes say
Reminding me of linen on our bed at the beginnin’
In the days when all our wives came out to play
But now alas, such frolicking is over
A different satisfaction now I seek
Things more mellow, less exciting
More alluring and inviting
Pizzicato is the balm of which I speak.


The Italians say it’s Grigio
The Frenchmen call it Gris
Should we reach for a thesaurus
Or Webster’s dictionary
It’s all the same variety and just a case of style
The grigio’s usually leaner
While the gris is fat with guile
Coney’s Piccolo is refreshing
With much fruit to quench your thirst
Try it now, or if you’re PC, ask your partner first.