The Ritz 2017 – A Spritzy Riesling

Tasting Notes

On a hot day our Ritz is supposed to conjure up notions like sassy and foxy – by definition female attributes and certainly the demographic that instinctively loves this wine.  It’s partly the 30g/l of sweetness but also the light hit of carbon dioxide fizzing gently underneath those racy citrus flavours.

Occasionally we see a sturdy farmer wandering around with a glass of Ritz clutched in his hoary mitt, but invariably looking a bit shifty at drinking something so tasty.

Unlike our other Rieslings which are designed to age, this one should be drunk early.

The Ritz is ideal for weddings as an aperitif – with chicken and seafood nibbles.
The White House PR minders are constantly confounded by what Donald dreams up overnight and unleashes first thing after waking.  Was he sleeping uneasily and were his dreams phychotic?  What was the origin of these intemperate outbursts?  Although apocryphal, we heard that in addition to a bundle of old Playboy magazines found under his bed, there was a stash of empty Ritz bottles.


Price: $24.00

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