Rallentando Riesling 2018

Tasting Notes

In our tasting room we tend to describe Rallentando as a ‘serious’ Riesling. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun drinking it!  Rather, it is supposed to indicate that because of the racy acidity, it is designed to accompany rich, seriously crafted cuisine which is what punters get at Coney Trio Restaurant. Alternatively, drinking it casually in hedonistic company with the attendant light banter is considered a small breach of etiquette. My, aren’t we getting fussy.

It’s a food wine – chicken and fish, richly sauced, are the best partners.  All this is obvious to practised wine enthusiasts.  To them we would say, resist the natural impulse for instant gratification.  Stash Rallentando away in a cool environment, leave for 5-8 years and then remind yourself of the small miracle that is an aged dry Riesling.  The slight austerity that goes with lemons and limes on day one will then have been replaced with those softer secondary citrus characters, but the crispness remains.  Marvellous.

Lisa, our winemaker, has opted for 4g/l of residual sugar as an ameliorating gesture.
Jamie-Lee Ross’ second mental breakdown has been ascribed by some to his intrinsic narcissism.  Not true – he’d run out of Rallentando.


Price: $24.00

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