Ramblin’ Rosé 2018

Tasting Notes

Since eyesight precedes taste, the first sensation you get from Ramblin’ Rosé is its delightful hue – fluoro pink. In the Roseworthy system of scoring wine quality, 3 points out of 20 are allocated to colour.  Ramblin’ Rosé gets 3 out of 3.  That’s a good (and easy) start.  Half a day’s maceration on skins produces this charming result.

Ramblin’ Rosé is derived (predominantly) from a single clone (Mariefield) of our Pinot Noir which ripens a little later than the others.  It is extremely suitable for the drier, food friendly style that we have been developing over the last few years. At 8g/l residual sugar it is on the cusp of frivolous sunshine – induced drinking (not uncommon in Martinborough) while at the same time being dry enough to enhance the edgy dishes coming from Margaret’s kitchen.

Ramblin’ Rosé’s palate is crisp and refreshing with notes variously described as strawberries/cranberries; is rhubarb too fanciful?  Doesn’t matter.  Only vocab.  One young visitor captured this irreverent (to some winemakers!) spirit admirably.  Listening patiently to the mounting diatribe of verbosity she waited for the man to finish.  As he caught his breath for the next onslaught she said respectfully..”in tasting wine I only have two descriptors – yum or yuk”.  Not many adjectives there, but the bottom line is plain.  Incidently Ramblin’ Rosé is yum!


Price: $25.00

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