Que Sera Syrah 2013

Tasting Notes

2013 started damp and cool – not the best for full flowering, finished dry and hot – a drought for the cockies but a good year for grapes.  No frosts mercifully, although my cryptic notes say “a ground frost on 18/10 – got up at 4.45am – padded about – 1 degreeC – didn’t light pots.  Back to bed. Dreamed fitfully of botrytis and woke up screaming.  No worries – a glass of Que Sera with my porridge restored equilibrium.

To ensure full ripeness of our Syrah, over half the grapes are dropped unceremoniously to the ground soon after fruit set.  The result of this austerity is a low 1.4 tonne/acre yield, financially suicidal, but favouring the imbiber.

Compared to the average Aussie shiraz, local syrahs are typically lighter in texture and more subtle in flavour – a distinction not always detected by our antipodean neighbours whose palates have come to prefer the bolder expression that comes from 40oC temperatures.  Each to his own.

People mostly hone in on the peppery/spicy character of Que Sera to which our panel added dark fruits, eg raspberry and toasty oak.  Goes with most red meats especially venison.  Duck is good.

Before being led away to the gallows, tennis cheat Martina Sharapova was asked, “Any last requests?”  “My judgement was clouded,” she wailed piteously “ but please send a crate of Que Sera to my dressing room.”


Price: $30.00

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