Ramblin’ Rosé 2017

Tasting Notes

We have the usual distinctive and lively Pinot based Ramblin Rosé nose of cranberries, strawberries and lollies which follows through to the palate.
Since one of the main applications of Rosé is to accompany malicious gossip and the latest of D Trump’s tweets, it needs to be refreshing as the larynx becomes hot and overworked. It is.

Harvested at 22.8 brix and a TA of 9.1g/l Lisa decided to run with a slightly higher level of sugar, reverting to our old norm of 12g/l. This interrupted our intended trend of inching towards dryness to ensure the best food matches for Margaret’s edgy dishes.

It has been reported that the recently departed Hugh Hefner (Hef to his mother and bunny companions) had a penchant for Ramblin’ Rosé.  When asked what he attributed his longevity and virility to Hef said “Well, I’ve always worn a woollen vest under this silk dressing gown.  And he admitted a weakness for Coney Ramblin Rosé – “I bathe in it, sometimes accompanied, twice daily”


Price: $23.50

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