Ramblin’ Rosé 2016

Tasting Notes

For the truly sophisticated, pink cannot be ignored.  “I don’t drink Rosé because it’s for girls”, apart from wounding the politically correct brigade, simply won’t cut the mustard any more.  Lolly water with elevated residual sugar it may have been once, but no longer.

The French make it dry for discerning palates and we’re on the same path, having reduced the sugar level from 12g/l a few years ago to around half that level now.

Derived from nice ripe concentrated Pinot Noir fruit Ramblin’ Rosé is made for summer – the best tipple for tittle tattle.  Those still hankering for sweetness will get some confectionery nates on the nose with lovely creamy strawberry for the tastebuds.  Sherbet is also mentioned.

Ramblin’s pulsating popularity has been declared recently by the usually unexcitable British aristocracy.

Dismayed by the Brexit outcome (but pleased to pass the shambolical parcel to his successor Ms May) David Cameron was  seen scuttling to his mansion from No. 10 Downing St. with his wife on one arm and a bottle of Ramblin’ Rosé under the other.  Could be worse!


Price: $23.50

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