Rallentando Riesling 2016

Tasting Notes

In the last 40 years local wine palates have made giant strides in the evolution towards excellence that took Europe much longer.  By excellence is meant the move from sweet to dry.  In NZ this transition is far from complete but it’s well under way and nowhere is it better shown than with our Rallentando.

For the last couple of vintages we have recanted from complete austerity and decided to leave a few gms of sweetness – i.e. the 2016 Rallentando has 2gms/l residual sugar.  This has the effect of softening the austerity in the early years of its life.  Regardless of when you drink your Rallentando though, there is no hiding its steely citrus character which is what we want to shine through.

So the palate is lemons and limes (with not much of the granny smith that is common in other dry Rieslings).  This lively attack means Rallentando is at its best with food – chicken and fish – where refreshing the pallid palate between forkfuls is important to all dilettantes.

Perhaps Hillary and Donald could make up over a bottle of Rallentando?  Doubt it for a bloke who said “If Hillary can’t satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America”.


Price: $23.50

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