Ragtime Riesling 2014

Tasting Notes

We got the commonly experienced cool damp start for flowering. OK temperatures (early 20’s) a nice autumn but finished in April with more rain than the grapes are happy with.  So 15 – 20% botrytis in the Riesling.  This is fine for Ragtime which was picked on 16/4 at 19 brix.  It’s honeyed character is down to the botrytis influence and helped along with 11gms/l of sugar.

Ragtime is off-dry with a distinctive citrus character, lively acidity, well suited to gossip.  Best food match is lightly spiced Asian cuisine.  Fish and chips are also fine if not so sophisticated.  Will cellar admirably, but best timing for complexity with retained acidity is between year 4 and 5.  Good luck with your self-discipline.

Ragtime is said to be a favourite of the ubiquitous Bill Clinton as he accompanies his tightly coiffured wife around the hustings.  One veteran commentator said Bill was definitely a bit past it as he grabbed the microphone from Hilary muttering, “I did not sleep with that woman, I didn’t inhale dope but I do admit to my weakness for Coney Ragtime.”


Price: $23.50

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