Pizzicato Pinot Noir 2016

Tasting Notes

In the wide array of vocab mustered by the French to describe a delicious Pinot Noir (try forest floor, barnyard, feral and fecal for starters) Martinborough examples are often best described as funky/ savoury.  In the fruit department plums and cherries are a fair rendition.

Coney Pizzicato was low cropped (1.7 tonnes/acre) harvested between 3rd and 18th April at an average brix of 24.5.  Assiduously tended, it has the requisite silky texture.  Bright ruby red to the eyeball the nose is lifted and sweet with cherry, toasty oak and a smidgen of menthol – palate much the same (nose and palate are supposed to align!)  Our restaurant still favours pork, mushroom dishes and oily textured fish salmon/tuna/groper as the ideal companions.  Cellaring until 2019 will reward the patient.

The final descriptive word goes to Karl du Fresne’s optimistic observation  “Good Pinot Noir is like an orgasm – hard to describe but you know when you’ve had one”.  Bonne chance.


Price: $30.00

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