Piccolo Pinot Gris 2016

Tasting Notes

A moderately priced glass of French Pinot Grigio we tried recently (expensive actually because in Dubai!) was exactly what many punters sometimes complain about in this variety – an anaemic/thin texture, with a bit of phenolic bitterness masking any interesting fruit.  Yuk!

No such problem with Piccolo which we always pick late to give the best chance of overt ripeness, oily texture and honeyed character (botrytis plus shrivel) that is the hallmark of Pinot Gris from the Coney block.  This underlying opulence allows us to lower the sugar level to its 7 g/l without running the risk of leanness.  Anyway, to most palates Piccolo has a full rounded texture, plenty of typical pear/stonefruit and a pleasant dry finish which declares it to be a foodies wine.  These hapless hedonists usually opt for spicy Asian or middle eastern cuisine as the most enthralling match. If your fitness regime, body contour, self-discipline are too strict for such indulgence, a glass on its own will suffice.


Price: $23.50

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