The Ritz 2016 – A Spritzy Riesling


Tasting Notes

Stretching your gustatory glands earnestly is one way to squeeze out some vocab for your tasting notes.  This should be reserved for wine with serious intent.  Not Ritz, which is intended to be a frivolous drop leading to flighty banter and happy outcomes.

Winemakers sometimes need reminding that wine is for fun.  The Ritz achieves this by being noticeably sweet (37g/l of residual sugar and from the delightful spritz coming from around 3g/l of dissolved co2). Your conversation needs to rise to the occasion – sex, drugs and rock’n’roll are always a good start.  Ask Paul Henry.  More objectively, our panel of tasters thought the distinguishing sensation of the 2016 Ritz included lemonade lemons, ruby red grapefruit, blood orange, elderflower and French pear.  Can’t  have it more encompassing than that.

Riesling fruit normally comes in with nice high acidity.  2016 was no exception (7.3g/l) which balances Ritz’ higher sugar.

So, quaff away.  But be careful ladies or we may, at your hands, all suffer the same fate as Kim Kardashian’s followers – i.e. after a single bottle she felt obliged to inflict one of her ubiquitous “belfies” on us – the pioneering bum selfie.

Spare us!


Price: $23.50