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Tasting Notes

Rallentando 2017 has a shy floral nose as befits the tightly corseted creature she is: changing metaphors, our dry Riesling always has rapier-like acidity accentuated in 2017 by a pretty measly summer.  To balance this up Lisa has left a slightly higher 6g/l of residual sugar – after all, austerity can be pushed too far even by the monkish standards of St Francis.

An already lovely full texture suggests that some bottle age will produce a softer food companion for those who have patience.

Although undoubtedly fake news, it was reported that an in extremis Kevin Spacey blamed a bottle of Rallentando for sweeping a youth off his feet a few years ago and carrying him across the wedding threshold.  However, it doesn’t explain his behaviour of lying all over the lad.


Price: $24.00

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