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Tasting Notes

Early season was coolish, a bit of rain and windy (a euphemism for some howling gales of 120k).  Typical  in Martinborough over flowering – not ideal, but reducing yields which conventionally produces lower yields/better flavour concentration.  Followed by nice hot conditions up to vintage on 17 April.   The final result with around 20%   Botrytis, 15g/l sugar, is the usual citric attack leavened by, maybe, peach and melon.  And yes, the honeysuckle.  A very approachable wine now, with ageing potential to 2020.  Best with chicken and seafood or on its own.

Ragtime shows no fear or favour to the downtrodden or elevated socialites alike, so beware of its ubiquitous charms.

A recent example of the mighy fallen is George W Bush who joined the lengthening retinue of octogenarian rampants.  A mightily surprised 34-year old actress complained that George, now a 93 year old pubescent, managed from his wheelchair  to impart a dirty joke and then grab her butt.  His loyal wife Barbara rolled her eyes at the clumsiness and said it was down to the bottle of Ragtime he’d consumed in the car.


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