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Tasting Notes

Mother Nature was pretty uncooperative for vintage 2017 – a stingy amount of sun and some rain at the tail end.  This meant in early May, when we’re normally thinking about picking our Syrah it became plain that the fruit wasn’t quite ripe and needed another 2 weeks of steady sun.  It wasn’t going to happen.  Even after, as usual, we’d fruit thinned drastically to one bunch per shoot.
So, an executive decision was called for.  Best option was for a Rosé.  We’d never used Syrah before so that would be interesting. And it is.
We could have blended it with our Pinot based Ramblin’ Rosé but thought we’d give you punters the chance to try both side by side.
With 22g/l residual sugar it’s noticeably sweeter than Ramblin’ but still very lively with a delicious tart berry fruit character, (cranberry?).
The back label contains a slip from the poet laureate – Is it Mick or Jimi? Its spirit is accurate though – designed for frivolity and possible dalliance.


Price: $25.00

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